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Enter Ethikool Adventure
Enter Ethikool Tunes
Why Ethikool Adventure?
  • Ethikool Adventure provides life changing trips to Africa
  • You will experience the amazing and dramatic wildlife, people and culture of Africa and know that by travelling with us you will be leaving a country in an even better state than how you found it.
  • Going on an Ethikool Adventure trip gives you a chance to work on the ground making a real and lasting difference to the communities you meet.
  • The money your trip raises (after expenses) will be used to support the communities you will meet. As they work to build a better and sustainable future.
Operation Embrace 2012
What is Ethikool?
Ethikool is a new, enjoyable, secure and we think, unique opportunity to change the way you travel, buy / sell music and donate online. is so much more than just another new e-commerce site.

All of the products and services sold on are generating vital funds to support our combined ambition to bring hope, security, and a positive and sustainable future to communities in Africa and a positive and life changing opportunity to all those that we are engaged with in this challenge.

Ethikool is not about making money for shareholders but about money making a difference.

It is not about easing a conscience, but about easing a life.

It is not just about doing the right thing, but about doing things right.

And it is not about making individuals rich but it is about enriching lives.

By using, supporting and engaging with Ethikool you are joining a steadily growing group of people from around the world, keen to use their freedoms, gifts and talents to create a better future for all.
About Us
Wrightsbridge Limited is a Social Enterprise. Wrightsbridge Limited raises money through trading. Unlike other standard businesses our profits aren't shared out to directors and/or share holders, they are provided to charities in order for them to assist us in providing services that meet our primary objective.

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Why Ethikool Tunes?
  • Provides a 100% secure site for you to discover and download amazing music, whilst profits from every download are used to save and change young lives through our work in Africa.
  • Ethikool Tunes supports musicians and thanks them for their support by paying 25% royalties on all their sales through our site.
  • By uploading and downloading from Ethikool Tunes you are supporting communities in Africa to build a better future.
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Ethikool Laid Bare
The Ethikool Ambition

To be recognised as a true catalyst for change

Ethikool Principles
  • Every living thing is born to thrive. But not all living things have the same opportunity to thrive
  • Uniqueness is a gift to celebrate
  • With great freedoms come great responsibilities
  • Respect and dignity are a right and not a luxury
  • People should be treated as we would love to be treated by them
  • Money is earnt to make a living, money is given to make a life

Ethikool Values
  • People
  • Potential
  • Unity
  • Integrity
  • Difference

The Ethikool Approach

We will always be open and honest in all our dealings.

We appreciate all support, advice, feedback.

We will work hard to make money and spend money in a way that helps to positively change lives.

We will always treat people in the way we would love to be treated.

We will always acknowledge when things go wrong and will work to swiftly rectify any problems.

We at Ethikool know the great needs, we know the great potentials, we are driven to create a bridge between the two.

We know that only by working together, can we have the strength to create a bold, vibrant and responsible catalyst for change.

We know that together we will actively seek out, nurture, unlock and use potential to create a sustainable, fair future for all.

We know that you put your trust in us to deliver on our promises and we will work hard to never let you down.

We know that this is the beginning of a new, fun and exciting opportunity and we hope you will join us for the journey.

Why Should I?
Why should I get involved in the whole Ethikool thing?

Well, maybe you want to know the profits from the money you spend on all Ethikool products and services goes to fund two amazing projects in Africa.
  • The Kabaswiwi Eco-Lodge and Enterprise Village
  • The Harukoto Community Arts and Music Centre

And that when completed, both centres will offer employment, training, health care, education, clean water, income generation, tourism, an avenue for creative expression, protection, promotion of cultural heritage and so much more.

Maybe, you feel good to know that in the short term, profits are being used to invest in clean water, sanitation, girls health and welfare work, increased nutrition and many other short term projects designed to support villagers who without these interventions, would become ill or even die.

Maybe, its because you want to feel that your purchases of products or services from Ethikool are your way of making a positive change to the world.

Maybe, you just want to visit an amazing location or buy amazing new music.

Maybe, you want to actively help and support the young people of Africa.

Maybe, you know by uploading your music to Ethikool Tunes, you will increase your profile and receive 25% of all sales as a thank you.

Maybe, like us, you believe in 'together in strength' and want to know you are part of a worldwide group of people coming together to create real, positive and long lasting change.

Maybe, you agree with our values or principles.

Maybe, you get involved because of personal experience, fate, chance, luck, desire, passion, conscience etc.

Or maybe its just because your lucky enough you can.

Certainly, whatever the reason, please do get involved, buy a product or service, make a donation, share your gifts and talents, upload your music, join us on twitter, facebook etc, tell your friends, offer your support and help. Whatever you do, know that you are joining many people throughout the world that together will make a difference to many young lives.